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Laboratory Furnitures

Laboratory setup processes are carried out with a multidisciplinary approach such as project design, creation of the right installation infrastructure, determination and use of the right materials within the scope of the relevant curriculum and procedures, aiming for the most accurate and optimum performance results.

Industrial laboratory furnitures are designed and prepared to practice by selecting the right systems and auxiliary equipment so that the studies and experiments to be carried out in the laboratory uninterruptedly in the most appropriate way.

Laboratory furniture can be divided into subgroups such as wall and island benches, chemical storage cabinets, storage cabinets. In addition to this group, another main complementary group of laboratory furniture is water taps and gas taps, electrical sockets, etc.

Our Laboratory Furnitures specially designed for you in accordance with your space and needs. Our expert staff is enriched with accessory options and offers various solutions.

We provide solutions for you in your R&D and quality laboratories with our MonoLab modular laboratory solutions. Which are equipped with laboratory, safety, and occupational safety directive, occupational safety directive in project design.

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