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Precision Balance Table

The sensitivity of the weighing to be made is proportional to the level of the scale to be used for measurement, which is called "digit". Measurement conditions also emerge as a factor for balances with increasing precision such as 0.000 / 0.0000 / 0.00000 / 0.000000. High precision weighings are affected by environmental factors such as wind, vibration, and circulating weather conditions. In order to prevent the negative effects of these environmental factors, it is important to use tables designed for precision scales. These tables; Thanks to its design and the structure of the materials used, it is not affected by vibration, so both balance settings remain constant and measurement precision is preserved.

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Special anti-vibration tables used to prevent deviation in weighing in sensitive scales.

For an ideal precision balance table;

  • Pre-block and panels are made of galvanized sheet, anti-acid Epoxy painting process is completed, and it is baked at 200 ° C,
  • It is made heavy by filling sand in the side legs,
  • Screw feet are positioned for balance and height adjustment in the parts that touch the ground,
  • For the bench surface material; Trespa or Compact Laminate is preferred,
  • The area where the scale will sit on both surfaces is also emptied and 20 mm thick marble is placed in this section.

Vibration absorbing wedges should be placed on the bottom surface of the marble.

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