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Emergency Eye and Body Showers

In accordance with the developing quality and standards, improvements in laboratory conditions continue unabated. Especially in the work to be carried out in laboratories within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety, support equipment should be positioned for emergencies and laboratory personnel should be informed, taking into account possible dangers and accidents.

It is the emergency response equipment used to remove chemical splashes that may occur during work from the body. It complies with DIN EN 15154 standards.

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Emergency showers are installed close to the work area. Internationally valid emergency symbols are placed in the area where it is installed.

All parts are covered with electrostatic epoxy paint resistant to chemicals and corrosive environments.

Emergency shower types according to usage and installation area ;
Emergency Eye Shower  ;

There are several types according to preference, single, double and mounting area (counter mounted, wall mounted, self-standing)

In case of emergency, the user touches the latch on the eye shower and the pressurized water is provided to wash the eye, it does not damage the eye, thus minimizing the risk of danger.

The parts contacting around the eyes are made of non-allergenic rubber.

  • Emergency Body Showers;

There are several types according to the mounting area, ceiling, wall and floor.

In case of emergency, the user pulls down the pendulum on the shower by hand, the pressurized mains water is provided to wash the body completely, thus minimizing the risk of danger that may occur in the body

  • Combined Eye and Body Showers;

It is most easily accessible in the laboratory and used in areas closest to the exit. It is the most preferred emergency shower system due to its small footprint and the ability to wash both eyes and body at the same time.

It has high chemical resistance and is easy to use.

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