• We Are At The Heart Of The Laboratory

    With more than 15 years of experience in the sector
    we are at your service for your domestic and international laboratory projects.
  • All Equipments Required for Your Analysis

    Fast and reliable service in any subject you may need in your laboratories,
    Our goal is to achieve "always getting stronger and better together" with our quality products and solutions.

    Laboratory Work Bench Systems

    Fume Hoods

    Biosafety Cabinets

    Laboratory Equipments

    Laboratory Instruments
  • Special Designs For Your Laboratory Area

    Laboratory conditions and the needs of the applications to be made
    we offer optimum space efficiency with our most suitable solutions.

    Laboratory Projects

    2D ve 3D
    Project Designs

    Transition Procedures Between Different Departments
  • Your Laboratory Is Safe With Us

    Starting from consultancy, feasibility studies, which is the first stage of your laboratory projects,
    we are at your side with all our facilities throughout the design, production, installation and training processes.


    Right Planning

    Professional Service
  • Accordance With the Accreditation Conditions

    We are always at your side with our project planning and consultancy services in accordance
    with the scope of accreditation and standards for laboratory installation and operation.
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Monolab Laboratory Solutions

As the MonoLab family;
We offer you special solutions with our production of Laboratory Furniture and Workbenches, Fume Hoods, Biosafety Cabinets, Chemical Storage Cabinets, General Laboratory Devices and Equipments in all R&D and Quality Control Laboratories in public, education and industrial areas.


As Monolab, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality in our services without compromising our security culture.

Right Planning

As Monolab, we value our customers' time, respect their work schedules and deliver on time.

Professional Service

As Monolab, we guarantee to realize your projects designed on paper by determining your needs and expectations with our past experiences.


In the setup processes of your laboratory projects; feasibility studies, 2D-3D laboratory design and mechanics, water, electricity, etc. We are always at your side with our training and long-term technical support services, starting from the installation project, the designs in accordance with the requirements of the relevant hardware and equipment, developing with the production of laboratory benches and furniture tailored to your needs, and completing the assembly and installation in accordance with the relevant standards, regulations and procedures.




Work Partners

As Monolab, from the design stage to the completion of your projects
we serve in all processes.

    • 15 Year

      Sectoral Experience
    • The years we left behind by working with devotion and determination on our journey.

    • 17 Countries

      Sales And Service
    • The number of countries where we have completed our projects and delivered our deliveries.

    • 1500+

      Customer Satisfaction
    • The Monolab Family growing day by day with our happy customers