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Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Fire Proof Gas Cylinder Cabinets, Ventilated Gas Cylinder Cabinets

In accordance with the developing quality and standards, improvements in laboratory conditions continue unabated. Strict precautions are taken especially for equipment in dangerous class such as chemical substances in laboratory environment, tube cabinets within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety. Gas Cylinder cabinets; The stages such as the way of use and storage from the entrance to the laboratory environment are evaluated within the scope of certain procedures.

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• In tube cabinets; Cabinet bodies and covers are manufactured from galvanized sheet metal in thicknesses (0.80 / 0.90 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5 etc.) designed to suit the working areas.

• In order to prevent stretching of the tube cabinet and its lids and to show better strength, it is manufactured with double glazing and steel reinforcement is placed between the two walls.

• Tube cabinet is coated with 60 micron thick epoxy based electrostatic powder paint and baked at 2000C.

• There are chain and connection apparatus for fixing the tubes to be placed in the system.

• There is an antibacterial imported Polypropylene channel type fan motor that is not affected by gas, has a minimum flow rate of 350m3, is resistant to acids and bases, and which is silent in the tube cabinet.

It can be diversified according to the places of use and factors that may pose a risk in laboratory conditions;
•Fire Resistant Tube Cabinets
• Ventilated Tube Cabinets