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Laboratory Bench Cabinet Systems

Laboratory benches consist of the combination of work surface, Base Cabinet, Upper Cabinet, Electric system and carrier foot system. The fact that the products consist of completely modular systems is extremely convenient for disassembly / assembly operations and transportation. "Custom design" alternatives can be provided by using the colors and products requested by the user in all designs.

For the quality of the analysis and the long-lasting use of laboratory equipment, the laboratory benches where the studies will be carried out must be resistant to the purpose, the chemicals to be used and the processes to be applied.

Bench top and bottom cabinets should be designed with smart and space-efficient solutions for multi-purpose uses.

Laboratory Pedestal Cabinet System

Laboratory Galvanized Steel Cabinet System

Laboratory Mobile Cabinet System

Laboratory Stainless Steel Cabinet System

Laboratory Wall Mounted Cabinet System

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  • Wooden Base and Upper Cabinets

Lower and upper cabinets are among the economical systems preferred in laboratory furniture. Many alternatives are possible according to needs. Modular systems with drawers and shelves are provided in accordance with the needs and demands of the user. The accessories to be used are resistant to corrosion. In order to increase the chemical resistance of the cabinet and door system made of 18mm thick first class MDF, anti-acid laminate is applied and the door edges are covered with 2mm PWC. In drawer designs, a telescopic rail system with brakes is used.

  • Steel Base and Upper Cabinets

Lower and upper cabinets are among the most preferred cabinet systems in laboratory furniture. The cabinets are suitable to be designed from galvanized steel material in thicknesses of 0.80 - 1.5 mm according to the needs of the user. The production process is strengthened with various reinforcements in order to increase the strength and prevent stretching for long years of use. Modular systems with drawers and shelves are provided in accordance with the needs and demands of the user.

  • Mobile Cabinets

They are designs that are planned to be positioned under the counter, they can be diversified according to needs. Wheel can be attached to the desired mobile cabinets. In this way, the cabinet can be moved easily to the desired area. The bench bottom cabinet offers a wide storage opportunity in terms of structure.